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The core of Cabo Serai’s philosophy is rejuvenation and tranquility whilst keeping in harmony with nature. Our accommodation is eco-conscious, elegant and designed to complement our tropical setting. Cabo Serai is built on the premise of sustainability; we implement exceptional measures to have a positive impact on our environment and community. 

  • To sustain minimal structural impact on the site, materials such as wood, native laterite stones and earth were married with traditional techniques to build our accommodation and facilities.

  • A considerable amount of our décor is sourced from local craftsmen, providing our rooms with indigenous and tasteful detailing. A luxurious ambience is created using natural fabrics, eco-friendly mattresses and materials.

  • We discourage the use of single-use plastic and actively seek innovative solutions to progressively reduce, reuse and recycle. Water in the rooms is served in copper dispensers to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. All of our organic toiletries are provided in stone and glass dispensers to avoid plastic packaging.

  • Waste is carefully managed through garbage segregation, wet waste composting and engaging with recycling initiatives in Goa for our dry waste. 

  • Recycled water is utilized for irrigation and our landscaping uses native plants, specifically designed to positively enhance the pristine habitat for our plentiful birds and butterflies.

  • Our local community is of paramount importance, and we take immense pride in supporting them by sourcing produce locally, hiring locally and utilizing the local tradecrafts.

  • Rewilding has been at the fore of our environmental initiatives. Cabo Serai is now home to more than 100 species of birds and a plethora of butterflies, thriving on the native flora.

  • Our vegetables are mostly grown on property and the rest are procured from local farmers around us. Fishermen of Cabo de Rama provide us with their catch of the day.

  • In keeping with our sustainable approach, our menu changes daily offering variety and novelty.

Driven by compassion, discovery and wellbeing, our goal is to be leaders in mindful and barefoot luxury in hospitality.

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